Affiliates! is offering a 50% split Affiliate Program

How Does Affiliate Program Work?

When a customer clicks through from your site and purchases a membership at PeepShow.TV - you earn a commission on the initial signup and on all monthly re-bills from that sale.

The amount you make depends on how much traffic you send and how many people join PeepShow.TV from your Affiliate links.

You make a 50% commission on every sale, and on every re-bill.

How Do You Get Started?

It's simple. There are only three steps:


You must have an active CCBill account before you can become a Affiliate. If you have not yet signed up under a CCBill sponsored affiliate program you can:

If you already have a CCBill Affiliate, proceed to Step 2


If you already have a CCBill account (created in Step 1 above) - you may retrieve it using this form - and then simply click the SUBMIT button on that form to create your ChaosCash Affiliate Account:

Current ID:


Once you have joined and your account gets approved, you will be given access to the PeepShow Affiliate Zone where you can get banners, artwork, logos, and promotional materials for each video. Follow the instructions to select a banner and to copy and paste a small amount of HTML code into your web page.

After you've signed up, you can see how much money you are making at any time by visiting CCBill official CCBill Account Number: 930128-0000